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Order your appraisal online. Your appraisal order will be processed immediately and you will receive a call shortly thereafter to confirm your order.  Please call our office anytime to discuss your specific requirements. You may also email our office by filling out the form on our contact page.



We take pride in our professional & quickly prepared appraisal reports!


Please call, fax or email  us if you have special rush request orders.

We strive to do our best to accommodate our clients needs.


Appraisals or Appraisals Service for the purpose of:

Residential Service Types




Secure a Preferred Appraisal

  You need an appraisal company who is accepted by most lenders.


Know Your Appraiser Can Substantiate The Value

  If your lender has questions, be sure your appraiser can support and justify the value.


Get Answers When You Need Them

  Aaron Appraisals has a full time staff available to assist you - don't be left waiting for your appraiser to call you back.


Make Sure Your Appraiser is Intimately Familiar With The Local Market

  Our team of Appraisers are geographic specific with in-depth knowledge of territory characteristics, and reside in our covered neighbourhoods.


Be Sure Your Appraiser is Well Versed in Specific Guidelines For Each Lender

  Don't let your deal get held up at the last minute by unnecessary appraisal related conditions. Aaron Appraisals is experienced with the unique requirements of all major lenders.


Make Sure Your Appraiser Understand The Importance of Communication

  Aaron Appraisal is always available by phone and can also provide appraisal updates via e-mail.

Accuracy Counts

  Don't let your loan be delayed because your appraisal is sent back for errors. Aaron Appraisal quality control has exceptional accuracy ratings.



  Make sure your appraiser is professional in appearance and conduct - your appraiser represents you - and your service.


Client Service is Key

  Don't let your appraisal get "caught in the mix", you need an appraiser who appreciates your deadlines and priorities.


Accommodate Your Special Requirements

  Aaron Appraisal’s team of appraisers can accommodate your special scheduling and delivery needs.

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