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There is much more to the appraisal process than just the technical aspect of valuing a property. When we are engaged by a client to appraise a home for a refinance or a purchase, we are representing that client while interacting with their borrowers and everyone else involved in the transaction.


This may include real estate brokers, business managers and other valuable referral sources. They way the appraiser conducts themselves is a reflection on the client. We have a clear understanding of these sensitive and important relationships and our appraisers are educated and trained to interact with people in a professional manner. Many of our clients offer mortgage products to clients of other services and the relationships go far beyond just the mortgage transaction. We understand that there is much more at stake than just one commission. Our appraisers understand the responsibility and sensitivity that exists when entering into a person’s home and know how to conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner. It is something that is often overlooked by others.

Every company claims to have a group of experienced appraisers, yet there is much attention lately placed on the problem of “geographic competency”, out of the area appraisers appraising properties in neighbourhoods where they are not familiar with.



Some of our competitors assign orders based on the fee that the appraiser is willing to charge and the speed in which they are willing to complete the assignment. The notion of assigning the appraisal to the appraiser who is most qualified for the particular assignment gets lost. Every real estate broker and homeowner has a story about an appraiser who was not familiar with the area. Our emphasis is not just on the number of years the appraiser has been licensed, but also the knowledge of certain markets. Our appraisers have been in the business ranging from 10 to over 20 years, and are only assigned appraisals that they are experienced to do. We have specific knowledge of each and every appraiser’s expertise and appraisals are assigned based on their knowledge.




Every business makes a claim of quality, but in the appraisal business what is quality? In our view, quality means an accurate and well supported value, as well as a thorough description and explanation of all relevant facts. Aaron Appraisals backs our claim of quality for a number of reasons:


Our appraisals are not assigned based on fee and turn time. They are assigned to the appraisers who are most experienced and knowledgeable in a particular area. Our internal reviews are done by certified appraisers who are also knowledgeable in real estate and the market of the property being appraised. Our internal review process consists of more than a checklist. The process includes making sure the proper research and comparable selection was done and all relevant issues were properly addressed. Our track record speaks for itself. In 20 years of business, we have NEVER been told by a lender that any of our appraisals have ever resulted in a loss.



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Aaron Appraisals was founded in 1997 by Fred Klonowski.  Mr. Klonowski has worked as an appraiser since 1991 with a background in real estate as a broker with the Toronto Real Estate Board.   Aaron Appraisal’s growth and a solid reputation was quickly noticed by local and national banks and financial service firms, as these institutions demand unwavering quality, execution, and integrity.  Aaron Appraisals is run by a full-time management and administrative staff who oversees a team of appraisers serving the Greater Toronto Area appraisal needs for it’s clientele which is comprised primarily of the country’s largest banks and financial institutions. Aaron Appraisals is committed to providing the highest level of quality, professionalism, integrity and service and continues to grow.  The company continues to pride itself on its  niche in the real estate market providing a highly professional and quality appraisal solution.

              Fred Klonowski was the past Chairman for the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s Toronto Chapter.

                  He was also past Vice-President of the Appraisal Institute’s Western New York and Ontario Chapter from                      2004-2012.


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